Former World Gymnastic Champion Mo Huilan appeared in JAC Booth and witnessed the release of independent automobile quality Bluebook

Wearing the sports and casual clothes, former world gymnastic champion appeared, activated with several leaders of JAC passenger car the B Class Car Activity Day ceremony and witnessed with car fans the release of JAC B class car 200,000 kilometer quality marathon bluebook which is the first independent automobile quality bluebook

Mo Huilan said, the activity of ¡®LOVE CHINA, RUNNING WITH JAC B CLASS CAR¡¯ is not only an automobile quality test, but also an endurance test. This activity participated by a lot of people is transparent and it has proved that with high performance price ratio, B class car is fashionable, spacious and agility.

The Bluebook has analyzed this 200,000 kilometer quality marathon activity with ten chapters from different views of users and media, including the chapter of reviewers, of users, of media, of mileage, of products, etc., objectively and creatively reflects the results of B class car running 200,000 kilometer marathon without stop.

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