Technology Create Future----- JAC holds press conference

22nd, April JAC press conference was hold in Beijing International Conference Centre. There are more than 200 mainstream media witnesses the press of JAC important strategy. This press conference includes four parts: power train planning and strategy, internationalization, passenger car strategy and commercial vehicle strategy.

JAC forges four engine platform: 4GA¡¢4GB¡¢4DA¡¢4DB, and 2.0T engine is the earliest independent-brand engine launching into the market and won the Top 10 Chinese engine. 1.0/1.3/1.5VVT engine under the platform of GB is the newest facing to 21st century, using 16 advantage technologies such as aluminium cylinder body, VVT, plastic intake manifold which improve the dynamic, economic of engine and reduce the emission and noise greatly. To achieve high performance, low oil consumption, low emission and noise. And 1.9LCTI diesel engine applies 12 advantage technologies.

As one of the earliest entering into overseas market auto manufacture, JAC has cumulate a set overseas market exploration and operation experiences depending on its own reliable products quality and powerful marketing network. Now JAC has a good reputation on abroad and cooperates with many overseas distributors. JAC has formed the largest ranges of exportation products over 100 countries coving Africa, Asia, Middle-east, Central & South America and East Europe. The export of JAC light-duty truck has kept No.1 position for 10 years in domestic the same class products. In 2009, JAC light-duty truck became the first product which accepted the honorary title of ¡®Certificate of Import Commodity Quality System¡¯ in the auto industry. And in 2009, JAC A-class sedan Tojoy successfully entered into 30 countries in just one year and enjoyed wide brand awareness and highly customer¡¯ satisfaction. The company devotes JAC to be a world-class brand.

The year of 2009 is the ¡®Basic Construction Year¡¯ to JAC passenger car business. The sales volume achieved 112% growth compared last year, and completed six passenger car platform MPV, SUV, C, B, A, A0 sedan which successful seize the segment markets.

Commercial vehicle is always as the core business of JAC. From 1968, JAC manufactured the first truck and to 2009 JAC has became the Top 4 Chinese automaker. Unceasing development and innovation, JAC light-duty truck has owned the largest ranges of product lines over one million users. HFC6700KY chassis is as the representative of JAC bus chassis which creates a precedent of Chinese bus dedicated chassis and is regarded as the one of 50 most influential products to Chinese industry.

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