JAC Five Star Vehicles Show on 2010 Beijing Auto Show

The JAC Five Star Vehicles presented at Auto China 2010 include three passenger vehicle lines (A-Class, B-Class and A0-Class), the company¡¯s new MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and top of the range light truck models.

JAC Tojoy ¨C an energy-efficient, reliable classic with a new improved engine

A-Class JAC Tojoy wins consumers¡¯ hearts by its smart appearance, excellent performance and energy efficiency. With the new, light-weight and silent aluminum VVT engine, JAC Tojoy provides maximum power with reduced fuel consumption. The car starts and accelerates fast. It also ensures dynamic performance and air-conditioned cooling in the summer when travelling at low speed, meeting the needs of city-users.

The environmentally friendly JAC Tojoy is compliant with the Euro IV emission standards. Equipped with ABS/EBD, dual air bags and reversing radar, it also provides many convenient features such as adjustable exterior rear view mirror, power windows in all four doors, manual air conditioning and audio-visual entertainment facilities like CD and USB interface.

JAC A0 ¨C a practical, modern and stylish mini car for the town-dwellers

JAC challenges the mini car sector with its new, cute and practical JAC A0. This city car with seating capacity for 5 passengers is equipped with 1.0L or 1.1L engine. The 1.1 version will be available with automated manual transmission (AMT), making the shifting process smoother whilst avoiding energy losses.

Other practical features of the JAC A0 include double air bags, ABS/EBD and EPS power steering system, reverse sensors and a CD player with MP3 link up. The vivid colours (red, green, yellow) of the JAC A0 cheer up any driver, outside and inside the car!

JAC B-Cross offers smooth design, generous space and excellent performance

In the B-Class series, the JAC B-Cross is designed according to the lines of dolphins and its aerodynamic features contribute to economic fuel consumption (only 6,5 L/100 km). The safety factor has also been thought through in every detail ¨C besides the standard ABS/EBD system and double airbags; the rear lights of the model are positioned in a way that allows other road users to notice the car more easily.

The interior design of the B-Cross is extremely spacious and functional. Besides the large passenger space, sedan¡¯s comfort features and the van¡¯s characteristics, the free combinations of seats have become an important embodiment of its versatility. B-cross provides more than 10 combinations of 2-7 seats for customers, satisfying any family's travel needs.

JAC¡¯s new MPV, Refine II, unites comfort, functionality and efficiency

JAC¡¯s new MPV model, Refine II, integrates advanced technology and offers a pleasant and luxurious driving experience. It features safety system with ABS/EBD, extremely spacious and practical interior design with comfortable and easily foldable seats, adjustable air conditioning at both ends of the car and a user-friendly control dashboard with all modern entertainment facilities.

Refine II is equipped with a powerful JAC 2.0TCI turbocharging inter-cooling gasoline engine. It adopts DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) and four-valve technology that reduces noise and fuel consumption (8L/100 km). JAC Refine II is compliant with Euro ¢ô(National ¢ô) emission standards.

JAC N721, a high-end light truck for multiple duties of professionals

JAC¡¯s latest truck model, N721, is a robust, silent, efficient and reliable working partner for multiple tasks of professionals. It has a very strong charging capacity (6000-8000Kg) for a light truck allowing economic energy use. N721 offers six gears and uses a powerful engine of Navistar, a world leading engine producer. The modern and spacious cabin has been designed to provide users with maximum comfort and safety, following the FUP (front underrun protection) regulations and European standards.

The N721 exists in two versions with different wheelbases offering a large choice for different needs. The bigger one exists with wheelbases between 3815mm and 5300mm and can be used with containers measuring between 5135mm and 6800mm. The smaller one exists with wheelbases between 2800mm and 3360mm and uses containers measuring between 3630mm and 4230mm.

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