JAC BEST Electric Chassis Specification

Overall dimension (L¡ÁW¡ÁH) 6800¡Á1995¡Á960
Wheelbase(mm) 3935
front suspension 1080
rear suspension 1785
Front/Rear Wheel Tread£¨mm£© 1690/1525
Type of suspension Front torsional spring independent suspension rear
Curb Weight£¨kg£© 2160
The maximum gross weight 5800
Minimum turning diameter£¨m£© ¡Ü15
Approach angle/Departure angle£¨¡ã£© 20/13
Minimum ground clearance£¨mm£© 230
maximum vehicle speed (Km/h) 100
Max.gradeability 20%
60km/h Constant Speed Cruising Range(km) 160
80km/h Constant Speed Cruising Range(km) 130
60km/h Constant power consumption£¨kWh/km£© ¡Ü0.6
80km/h Constant power consumption£¨kWh/km£© ¡Ü0.65

Chassis model HFC6703KYF Chassis model HFC6703KYF
(L¡ÁW¡ÁH) Wheelbase£¨mm) 4825 Engine Model ISF3.8s4141
Tread £¨mm) Front wheel 1830 Form in-line¡¢four cylinder¡¢diesel ¡¢boost ¡¢water cooling ¡¢four-stroke
Rear wheel 1680 Rated power£¨kw/r.pm) 105/2600
(L¡ÁW)£¨mm) 7045¡Á2165 Maximum torque£¨N.m/r.pm) 450/1200
length of suspension £¨mm) Front suspension 760 Clutch Model£¨mm) ¦Õ350
Rear suspension 1460 Form monolithic ¡¢coil spring
Quality curb weight£¨kg) Chassis 2530 Transmission Model QJZJ505
Front /rear axle 610/1920 Form five gears¡¢All synchromesh manual shift
Maximum Total Mass(kg) Complete vehicle 8180 Front axle Forging steel ¡¢I-section
Front /rear axle 2680/5500 Rear axle Form single reduction ¡¢hyperbolic gear
Profermance   Approach angle 25¡ã Final drive ratio 4.33
Departure angle 10¡ã Redirector Power Steering
Min turning radius (m) 7.5 suspension Form Pure air suspension
Max.Speed (km/h) 95 Quantity of spring leaves -/-
Tire 205/75R17.5 Brake system Form Air brake£¬front/rear drum brake
Product Features ¡¡
1.7-8 meters high-quality bus chassis and first-class step
2. The layout of engine is transverse which has more space than the same size bus.
3. Front and rear pure air suspensions for comfortable seating.
4. Using intelligent electric fan which can auto-adjust the speed according to the temperature of water, low oil-consumption and save energy.
5. Semi-integral car body structure for easily modification
6. The emission of engine reaches National ¢ô, more convenience.
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